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"If you own a cooler, you NEED an EZ Drainer"

*under normal use

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The EZ Drainer Anti Clog Cooler Drain is an attachment that is inserted into the existing drain plug of your ice chest/cooler, live well, bait box or fish box.  It prevents the drain plug from clogging as you attempt to drain your cooler. How many times have you had to stick your hands into your cooler, live well, bait box or fish box just to clear the drain? The water is typically nasty, stinky and/or freezing. Well now there is EZ Drainer. AND IT IS GUARANTEED NOT TO CLOG! So you never again have to use your hands to unclog a drain.


Don't be fooled by more expensive lower quality imitations. Don't settle for second best. Only the EZ Drainer by Rainsco is made with high strength, high quality composite.


Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, camper, boater or just a weekend warrior, believe us when we say,

"If you own a cooler, you NEED an EZ Drainer"



The EZ Drainer has been featured recently at


International Boat Show

Houston Gun

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  • Made from high impact FDA approved composite

  • Can be mounted permanently or used on multiple coolers

  • Fits most coolers

  • Easy installation

  • Great for hunters, campers, sportsmen or anyone who owns a cooler



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